Tuition and Policies

Tuition and Policies

The Denison University Suzuki Program follows the Denison University calendar.  14 lessons and 8 group lessons, recitals, and performances are offered during the Fall and Spring semesters.

  • 30 minute lessons: $620
  • 45 minute lessons: $802
  • 60 minute lessons: $1013
  • $30 program fee for all students

Students fully enrolled in the Denison University Suzuki Program are also enrolled in the Winter Festival at no additional cost. String Workshops featuring guest clinicians may require an additional masterclass fee.

Term Agreement

During the first week of each semester, a term agreement must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian for each student enrolled in the Denison Suzuki Program. This agreement states that the family is financially committed to instrumental lessons for the duration of the fourteen-week semester. A decision to discontinue lessons before the end of a fourteen-week semester still leaves the family obligated to pay for the entire fourteen-week term. This policy guarantees the teachers’ salaries and schedules.

Families pay for the semester during the online registration process. Once a student fills a studio time slot, the parents/student are responsible for the entire semester fee.

  • Group Only fee: $200

Occasionally a student not enrolled in the Denison University Suzuki Program for private lessons but affiliated with a Denison Suzuki instructor will be allowed to enroll in group lessons only. Group classes, recitals, and special events are included and may attend the Winter Festival at a reduced rate.

Summer Semester

The Summer semester begins the first week of May and consists of a minimum of 6 lessons. Families may enroll for more lessons based on the availability of their teacher(s).

Group Lessons

Students are expected to attend group lessons when offered for their level of proficiency. We will make every effort to hold group lessons as scheduled. If a cancellation is necessary due to severe weather or non usability of the building, the lesson or event cannot be rescheduled and no money will be refunded.

There are no group lessons in the summer.

Missed Lessons

If your child is sick or contagious, please cancel your lesson instead of exposing the teacher and other students to illness. If a lesson time needs to be missed, please try to switch times with another student and notify the teacher of the change. There are no make-up times or reimbursement for missed lessons.

Music and Instrument-Related Supplies

Students will be asked and expected to purchase music, including Suzuki music books, as well as supplemental sheet music and compilations, as determined by each studio teacher. To comply with all copyright laws, studio teachers will not copy and or distribute music for students. Additionally, the studio teacher may request that certain special equipment be purchased, such as chin rests, strings, metronomes, and tuners. Although additional equipment expenses should be expected “periodically”, please know that the purchase has been carefully considered by the studio teacher to be in the best interest of the overall student to maximize his or her Suzuki learning expeience..

Problem Resolution

If an issue or problem arises with your child’s individual or group teacher, please contact that teacher directly to discuss your concerns. Discussing problems with a different teacher or other parents is not productive and often leads to misinformation. If, after contacting the teacher involved, you are still unable to resolve the issue, please contact Jim Van Reeth, program director,

Supervision of Children

Suzuki students are known for their exemplary behavior. Thank you for teaching them to respect our learning environment. Please continue to supervise them while they are on campus for private and group lessons. Children should not be left alone outside classrooms or buildings. It is helpful to have quiet activities planned for them and their siblings while they are waiting for lessons.

Siblings in the Studio

The main focus of the private lessons is to foster a strong and positive relationship between the three parties involved in the Suzuki Triangle (parent, student and teacher). This requires a minimal amount of distractions from siblings attending the lessons. For this reason attendance of siblings at private lessons is at the discretion of the individual studio teacher.

Performance Shirts

Every student will be issued a performance shirt to wear when requested at special events. There is no additional fee for the shirt unless it is lost or destroyed and a replacement is needed. Before exchanging your shirt for a larger size, please launder it and return it to your teacher.


The Eisner Center parking lot is on Mulberry St, to the east of the building.  There is also a smaller lot to the west of the building.  Street parking is also available along W. Broadway.

If you have any questions regarding our tuition and policies, please contact Maryfrances Kirsh, program administrator at