Suzuki Program

Winter Festival 2017

Flutes in the Frost | Polar Pianos | Strings in the Snow

All Friday Night events are being held in Burke Recital Hall!

January 13, 14, and 15

Our annual Winter Festival is a weekend workshop styled after the “Suzuki Summer Institute” experience.  We invite internationally reknown clinicians to teach masterclasses, group classes, and enrichment, lead play-ins, and perform on concerts that are open to the public.  There is something for everyone each of the three days of Winter Festival.  We hope you arrive prepared to join in with great enthusiasm and we hope you leave inspired and encouraged.

There are two types of Group Classes at Winter Festival.  The technique group focuses on learning or improving techniques that are found in a specific book level.  Students in this group class may play small parts of a few pieces together, enabling them to refine these important techniques.  The Repertoire group is focused on performing at a high level of quality as a large group.  Many pieces are played and polished.  Practice partners are encouraged to attend these groups and take notes while enjoying the beautiful music!

Irish Fiddle Classes are offered for violin students in Book 4+ and are scheduled so that students are in class with others of the same book level.  Flute students will be treated to a Celtic Flute class.

Instrument Specific Play-ins will be held on Sunday afternoon and will be led by our clinicians.  Traditionally, the play-in begins with students playing the most advanced piece and other students join in as they play down through the repertoire and end with the Twinkle Variations.  Clinicians also encourage students to make special requests, turning the play-in into a “favorites” play-in.

Parents/Practice Partners will be able to participate in a Parent Forum on Sunday afternoon during the instrument specific play-ins.  Parents will meet with a panel of Denison Suzuki parent/practice partners and one of our clinicians for a lively discussion regarding their role in the Suzuki journey.

There are two very special Enrichment Classes during Winter Festival.  Students, ages 3-14 will be enrolled in our Eurhythmics classes while our 15-18+ year olds will be enrolled in Composition classes.  Students of the same instrument book level and/or age will be scheduled together for these enrichment classes.  These classes offer a break from groups and masterclasses and enable the students to have some social time with each other while burning off some energy and learning new skills.

A Masterclass is an hour lesson shared by three (Book 4+) and four (Book 1-3) students. This was the teaching model of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, who realized that his students and practice partners learned from watching each other in lessons. Students who perform the same polished piece, or one close to it, in the books are grouped together in masterclasses.  Often, clinicians involve all the students in the masterclass during each segment of the lesson, so please be prepared to stay for the whole 55 minutes.  Practice partners attend with their students to take notes and to meet other practice partners. Openings are limited and there is an extra fee for string and flute masterclasses.

Polar Piano Students will each participate in two masterclasses, two group classes, and an enrichment class.  Students in the same book level will be scheduled together.  Typically, clinicians give a small assignment at the first masterclass or group class that is to be completed for the second one.  The practice rooms in the basement of Burton Hall will be open for us to use throughout the weekend.

The Friday Freeze-in opening ceremony and concert will be held in Burke Recital Hall this year.  (In fact, ALL of our Winter Festival activities will be located on the Arts Quad on the lower campus this year!)  The Friday Freeze-in is a chance for each of the instrument groups and clinicians to play for us and then we all play and sing Twinkle together.  Afterwards, we will be treated to a concert by pianist, Minju Choi.

String Families can bring their lunches and gather in Burke Black Box on Saturday for a special session with Jen Short, from the Loft Violin Shop.  She will answer your questions about the care of your instrument.  She might even tell you a few entertaining stories of instruments that have come to the Loft for repair.

The Clinicians’ Concert on Saturday will feature our clinicians and friends in a concert prepared just for us!


  • Flutes in the Frost:    $75  (This does not include a masterclass.)
  • Strings in the Snow:  $75  (This does not include a masterclass.)
  • Polar Pianos:              $75  (This includes 2 masterclasses.)
  • Fully enrolled Denison Suzuki Students:  The fee is included in your tuition.
  • Masterclass fee for Strings and Flutes:   $25  (Books 1-3)   $35  (Books 4+)

Checks are to be made payable to “Denison University” and should be mailed to Maryfrances Kirsh, Denison University Music Department, Box 810, Granville, Ohio, 43023


Address of Burke Hall of Music and Arts

240 W. Broadway, Granville, OH  43023

Location of Winter Festival Activities on the Denison University Campus

Denison Arts Quad Map

Local Lodging for the Granville area:

General Schedule

Friday January 13, 2017

  • Masterclasses (see specific instrument schedules)
  • Friday Night Freeze-in  5:45-6:45 pm in Burke Recital Hall
  • Concert by Minju Choi, pianist, 7:00-8:00pm

The Freeze-in and Concert are free and open to the public and is sponsored by the Granville Arts Commission.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

  • Group classes, Masterclasses, and Enrichment classes are offered throughout the day.  Please check instrument schedules for time and location.
  • Clinicians’ Concert, 1:15-2:15 pm in Burke Recital Hall, features performances by our clinicians, and is an annual favorite.  This concert is free and open to the public.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

  • Parent Forum with Ann Montzka-Smelser, 1:15-2:15 pm, is an opportunity for Suzuki parents to further their understanding and implementation of the Suzuki philosophy during lessons and home practice.
  • Instrument Play-ins, led by our clinicians, will take place in various places around the Arts Quad.  Please check instrument schedules for specific locations.

On January 4, we will post the Winter Festival schedules. We recommend that you look over the schedules now and print them Thursday, January 12 to bring with you, so you have the latest and most accurate information. You will need these to help you get around to all your activities for the weekend. We don’t want you to miss anything! We have carefully designed the classes to provide the best educational and social experience possible for each student. Thank you for following your student’s schedule as posted.

Winter Festival 2017 Cello Schedule 3 (Updated 1/12/17)

Flute Students – please contact Linda Habig at for your schedule

Winter Festival 2017 Polar Pianos Schedule 3 (Updated 1/12/17)

Winter Festival 2017 Violin and Viola Schedule 4Updated 1/12/17)

Fiddle Class Music

Books 4-6


Viola parts


pachelbels-frolics-kohlers-hornpipe-for-viola-with-bowings the-kesh-jig-with-bowings-for-viola

Cello Review List

Book 1 – all

Book 2 – Long, Long, Ago; Minuet 3; March in G; Two Grenadiers

Book 3 – Berceuse; Scherzo; La Cinquantaine

Book 4 – Chanson Triste

Book 5 – Danse Rustique; Arioso

Book 6 – The Swan; Breval Rondo

Violin Review List

Book 1

  • All
  • Minuet 1

Book 2

  • Chorus
  • Musette
  • Bourrée by Handel
  • Minuet by Boccherini

Book 3

  • Gavotte by Martini
  • Gavotte in G minor by JS Bach

Book 4

  • Seitz 5-1
  • Vivaldi a minor, 3rd mvt.
  • Bach Double

Book 5

  • Bach Gavottes
  • Concerto in G minor, 1st mvt by Vivaldi
  • Bach Double

Book 6

  • Sonata in F Major, 2nd mvt by Handel
  • Allegro by Fiocco

Book 7

  • Concerto in A minor 1st mvt by JS Bach
  • Gigue by Bach

Book 8

  • Sonata, 1st mvt by Eccles
  • Tambourin by Gretry


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