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Granville Farmers Market Performance

We’re now just a few days away from our Granville Farmers Market Performance coming up Saturday, September 26. Here are a few reminders.

Please come to the Granville Presbyterian Church on the NW corner of Broadway and Main St.. WE WILL BE MEETING INSIDE THE CHURCH.

Enter through the parking lot door at the back of the church (this will be the only unlocked door) to leave your instrument case and wait for further instructions from Ms. Linda, Mrs. M., Mr. M or Mr. Jim.

Wear your Denison Suzuki Program red polo and jeans or shorts.

As of right now, there is 0% precipitation in the weather forecast!

Cellists, bring your small chairs or stools if you use them.


We are planning to perform at (or near) the Chamber of Commerce tent located at the entrance of the market. The cellos, flutes and violins will take turns performing separately and together during the hour.

Here is a rough idea of how the performance will unfold but we will adjust as needed and we will combine groups to play songs together from time to time. Teachers will be sure to give very clear instructions.
Cellos play from 9:45-10:00
Flutes from 10:05-10:20
Violins from 10:25-10:45

It will be great fun! Tell your friends and family to come hear us!