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Suzuki Lessons and COVID-19


Group classes have been cancelled and no lessons will be taught in the Eisner Center.

Check with your studio teacher about the platform on which he or she will be teaching.

Helpful Hints for Successful Online Lessons:

  • Use a music stand or iPad stand to hold the device.
  • Turn off all notifications and alerts.
  • Placement of the device:
    • Piano:  upper body, hands, and keyboard
    • Cello, flute, and violin/viola:  upper body, hands, and instrument
    • Teachers may want to adjust the view based on the focus of the lesson (posture, use of pedal, etc.)
  • An external mic is not usually necessary, but might be nice.
  • Using a Bluetooth speaker may make it easier to hear your teacher, but not necessary.
  • Have your music, pencil, metronome, and notebook nearby to take notes and mark the score.
  • Arrange to have siblings occupied so that they do not disturb the lesson.
  • Tune your instrument before the lesson.
  • Take your teacher on a tour of your practice area and introduce him or her to your pets (optional).

Announcement from our Director and Administrator:

Hello Denison Suzuki Families,

Given the latest announcement by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine ordering all Kindergarten through 12th grade schools to close for several weeks, the Denison University Suzuki Program will teach all individual lessons on-line beginning Monday, March 16. We will work closely with Denison to decide when it is appropriate to move lessons back to the Eisner Center. We will communicate via email and we will post information at
Flute group classes will meet Saturday, March 14 as scheduled, and we will resume all group classes as soon as we are able.
Your private lesson teacher will contact you about arranging your online individual lessons. They will let you know what format they will be using and they will work to accommodate the format that works for your family.
Teaching on-line music lessons is old hat for some of our teachers but it will be a new experience for others. And we imagine the digital learning experiences in our Suzuki families ranges from novice to expert. That said, we ask for your patience and understanding as we get settled into this new lesson teaching/learning situation.
Here are a few tips compiled by Mrs. Kirsh. She will post additional information on the Suzuki website and on FaceBook.
•  Place your device on a music stand in such a way that we can see your student’s upper body, hands, the keyboard or instrument/bow
•  Check the battery level or plug it into an outlet.
•  Turn off alarms and notifications.
•  Have all of your music, notes, pencils, metronomes, etc. on the piano, ready to go.
•  Practice partners take notes as usual.
It may take a few tries to get things up and going. Please keep and open mind and be patient as we navigate this uncharted territory. Our expert, dedicated, and caring teachers are determined to continue their wonderful teaching, and are excited to explore teaching and learning in this new environment.
We appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Let us know what you need from us, and we will do whatever we can to help.
Jim and Brian
Jim Van Reeth, Director
Denison University Suzuki Program
Brian Flynn, Administrative Coordinator
Denison University Suzuki Program